Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Snotty weekend in Wales = a miserable Polly

I've got SUCH a sulk on at the moment it's quite silly.  As we were driving to Wales on Friday I could feel a tingle in my throat.  By Saturday morning my nose was running, by Sunday I had a full on cold and felt like POO :(  Unfortunately this has meant that I've had to postpone getting my new tattoo done until July; the next time I'm on hols.  Speaking to my tattooist we agreed that I would postpone it as it would hurt more and more importantly, it would take so much longer to heal as my immune system would be fighting my cold AND the tattoo.

I'm on the sofa at the moment under the duvet watching Flog It!  wanting to tidy up and take photos  - but I just don't have the energy - so I thought I'd share some photos of Derek - the resident peacock in Wales:

Derek on the fenceDerek's wet feathersDerek
Gorgeous isn't he? Had a great weekend despite the rain and the snotty nose - great to be home though too as I can just slob and get myself better.
Unfortunately I did my usual though and went out with Ben to take the car back and ended up wandering around charity shops and the junk market in Lewisham. I will post photos at some point - I'm now going to do myself a bowl of museli (can't taste anything anyway so thought I might as well eat something that tastes of sawdust anyway) and hide under the duvet.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon Polly, sorry you had to post-pone tat...sounds like a sensible move though and July's not too far away...
    Even though I didn't win your give away I'm quite chuffed (and shocked and amazed too!) that my answer was correct...but probably, what else could it be? ha -ha.
    Lemon, honey and lots of garlic and you'll be better (and smelly) in no time!


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