Friday, 20 May 2011

Flowers that don't make me sneeze

I've been off work for 4 days with some weird sort of sinus/ headaches/ migraines.  Everytime I think I'm ok my little prisms come back in the corner of my left eye, I lose sight in the eye, headaches and nausea ensue.  Unfortunately some kick ass meds my doc wanted to give me reacted with something else I'm on so I'm relying on Co-Codamol to kick the butt of my headaches.  It's not been fun.  However around 1pm today I'd had 3 clear waking hours without my eyesight going funny.  I decided to celebrate by making a mess and trying my hand at some craftyness.

I'm in LOVE with fabric flowers - I have horrendous hayfever (I'm a sickly bunny) and I prefer fake/ fabric flowers to the real thing in the house.  These beauties had me salivating and reaching for my glue gun:



As I said in my blog post yesterday I'm pretty rubbish at following any sort of instructions so most of the tutorials on the internet are useless for me.  So I decided I was just going to try trial and error - folding, twisting, turning, puckering the material that I have.

A while ago I found a large bag of fabric squares on the market which were once samples.  I picked them up for £3 and then waited and waited for inspiration to hit me:
I was thinking that perhaps I'd eventually use them for something patchworky then today I sat there with my squares; twisting, turning, puckering and created this:
Adding a little brassy button from my collection.  I kind of liked this but it involved sewing (to pucker the leaves) and I was getting everything in a mess and the headache was threatening to come back.  So I gave this a go:
Much much easier - folding and sticking - sticking and folding.  Minimal amount of sewing.
Now - I have boxes of buttons and can you believe that I made all these flowers but can't find ONE button I feel suits them?:

So if I'm feeling perkier tomorrow it's a hunt for buttons on Deptford Market I believe.  I do think I have another box of buttons hidden somewhere in binbagaggeddon (the name for our 'study') so I'll hunt for them before I go and buy more (maybe).

Anyway - honest opinions? I know the photos are my typical hipstamatic and not very clear but do they look ok?  Do you think I could get away with wearing one and not looking like a complete idiot?
ps: While I was waiting for the photos to upload I was stumbling and came across this here:
Thought it was appropriate for the way we organise ourselves here!

Edit:  It's now just past midnight and I couldn't sleep so I went hunting for my buttons that I KNEW I had somewhere (why I'm trying to talk myself out of buying more buttons tomorrow I have NO idea!).  I thought I'd add them to the flowers and take more crappy photos with my iphone:


  1. Sure you can wear them - I'm wearing a domino which I hot-glued a brooch pin to - it's all about the easy crafts here too!

    (feeling dense about comic sans, that's a font right? Good or bad? Not up on the coolness rating of typefaces! The writen postcard tiles were just one side, an alternative to the picture ones - would definitely be a shame to hide it with the wall!)

  2. These look great - you crafty little minx you! Sorry to hear you been poorly, hope all ok and the hayfever doesnt get bad for you. Scarlett x

  3. Of course you can wear them. They look good.

    I also have tins and tins and tins of buttons and often struggle to find the perfect match for whatever project I'm doing. Frustrating or what!

    The ones you found and used are great. But you could still go and get more because, well, you never know when you might need them. :)

  4. Thanks girls - it's nice to know that I've managed to do something successfully crafty! No buttons were found today though :(


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