About us

I am Polly.  I'm a child of the 70s.  A teacher, a photographer, a doodler,  an ice-cream eater and avid collector of jank.  My main collections are:
  • Vintage cameras and camera accessories
  • Dolls - the creepier the better
  • Paper ephemera - especially vintage portraits, carte de visites and magazines
  • Scarves - I love to fling them around my neck, my head and/ or my waist
  • Red shoes - A girl cannot have too many red shoes
  • Anything about cemeteries/ memento mori - I photograph cemeteries and do not have an unhealthy obsession with death! I just find it fascinating.
Ben may or may not write about himself here - but for now I will post a typical photograph of him: Guiness and 'no photos' being shoved in my face!

 I would say about Ben that he is one talented little bunny.  When I came back from a week away at my parents' he had built the most beautiful shelving units from reclaimed scaffolding boards (photos to come).  Our lighting is a collection of bulk head lamps and other finds.
I know that if I came up with an idea he would figure out a way of doing it - this is why we are currently designing our reclaimed scaffolding bed and our reclaimed TV/stereo unit.
He has an obsession with Lego Mini-Figures,
skulls and the White Stripes.

Together we collect Woods Ware crockery and religious statues and images.
We are obsessed with the colours red, black and white.
And we are very excited by anything that other people would most probably find bloody ugly!