Tutorials and how-tos

A collection of tutorials and how tos that we've collected and either followed or want to follow :)

What to do with plastic bags, bottles and other non-recyclable plastics
Make a messenger bag out of plastic bags - Make magazine Youtube tutorial
Make a chandelier out of old plastic bottles
Make your own beads

What to do with scrap paper and card
Magazine jewellery
Make more paper!
Make bookmarks with envelopes
Make Kusudama flowers
Make mini-scrapbooks - this tutorial doesn't say you should use upcycled paper but I'm sure you can!
Trivets from cereal boxes - wow - these are gorgeous!
Cute Dahlias - loving these, you need double sided paper
Postcards - from cereal boxes
Paper Mache fun!
Make letters - using old card and sheet music (or any other paper I guess!)

What to do with old t-shirts
More bracelets!

What to do with other bits of old fabric
Make flowers
Make pillow-cases out of old tea-towels

What to do with old buttons
 Make bracelets
More bracelets!
Combine with feathers and a bobby pin

What to do with other random stuff you find
Make bowls out of vinyl records 
Make little tables/ trays out of old cupboard doors