Camera Obscura

I take photos - a lot of photos - using a variety of cameras.  Due to laziness and convenience  I've recently resorted to using my iPhone with hipstamatic or Plastic Bullet.  This does upset me slightly as I do have a ridiculous amount of REAL analog cameras, AND darkroom equipment as well as my beast (Sony A700 and assorted beastly lenses).  However it's time, money and sore shoulders which suffer under the weight of my equipment that makes me turn to the iPhone as a very poor substitute.  I can't deny though that the hipstamatic DOES make ugly things look pretty a lot of the time.

This page is a collection of our blog posts about new cameras and film that have come my way.
Also - if you're interested at all - you can find my 'real' photography here: Polstar Photography

Voightlander and Prinze
x3 single-use cameras