Wednesday, 18 May 2011

You could hear our want bones wanting ...

This weekend was a second-hand weekend and no mistake.  As I was working on Monday, being the brat I am, I got to have my birthday presents from Ben on Sunday and he made sure I had a second-hand birthday :)
Voightlander Vito B
This is a Voightlander - one that I was eyeing up on Greenwich Market one day. Ben bought it for me along with some bw film as well. It's such a gorgeously simple little camera and it was great fun playing around with it on Sunday when we went to Battersea Park. I can't wait to get the photos developed - unfortunately the film was C41 so I can't develop them myself but the next lot will be on regular bw film.

He also bought me this:
It's a weird little camera that takes 110 film - he got me some out of date film to go with it. I have no idea where I'll get it developed but could be fun finding out and playing with it.

I think I need to make a real effort to use every single one of my cameras AND actually get around to developing the photographs.

After popping to the Battersea School Car Boot Sale we went to Lasscos - according to their website they are England's prime resource for architectural antiques, salvage and curiosities - and you could hear our want bones wanting as we wandered around.

I fell in love with these posters (sorry for the Hipstamatic overload - I must learn to take my DSLR out with me):
They were about £90 a piece though - so they weren't purchased.
Thought I'd take some other (Hipstamatic - sorry) photos for your delectation:

LasscosPlease Do Not SpitHelloooooooooBulkhead goodness
I love the bulkhead lights - we have a couple of wall mounted bulkheads but would love to have some like this. Also would love to have the 'Do not spit' sign - perfect for my classroom!

Some of the goodies outside the shop:
It was definitely one of those places where you tend to 'look' - buying is kind of out of the reach for people such as we ;)

Probably tomorrow I'll get around to posting (proper) photos of all the other things I/we bought this weekend.  Deptford Market was awash with goodies and I ended up treating myself to a beautiful book off Peter's stall that cost me £10! I've never spent more than £5 on his stall before.  He was most surprised when I said 'I'll have it'.
Also will do a quick 'review' of Battersea Car Boot sale too.
Until then, faretheewell my lovelies.

Happy Birthday to me


  1. Lasscos looks amazing! Also looking forward to seeing your finds (and a pic of your new tattoo when its done!) Scarlett x

  2. I can't pretend to know anything about cameras, sadly, but I do love photographs. Very much enjoying the signs and the posters - you could probably mock up your own version of the posters easily enough for a lot cheaper than £90...

    I need to get back to Battersea carboot, it was pissing down last time I was there, and really miserable.

  3. Scarlett - it is - well worth having a wander around and a stealing of ideas. Wish I'd got a photograph of their spruced up fuse cabinets as bathroom cabinets.
    Lakota - it was fun but I was feeling pretty rough and stressed by a woman who seemed to appear at my side every time I wanted to look at clothes. It was like she was on speed or something and she had the sharpest elbows possible. Got a gorgeous 50s cat vase and a weird 'lift' knob - sounds weird I know but it's cool :)

  4. your 'lift' know sounds very interesting! ;o) Scarlett x


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