Wednesday, 11 May 2011


When I was younger, before the days of Facebook and email, there was a world of pen-pals.  I had quite a lot of them; my best friend was my penpal and I am still in touch with about 6 of my old penpals.  One of whom moved back to Australia when we were both in our late teens.  We fell out of touch and I missed her.  Then, a few years ago, I looked her up on Facebook and found her :)  She came over a couple of years ago and it was like we hadn't been apart.
Today she's back in London as a one day stop over on the way to Poland.  She's back here again at the end of the month for a few days but unfortunately I'll be away and won't be able to see her.  So we're going to get together tonight after I finish work.  Can't wait  see her :)
Lilla and friend at her last London gig - Nitzer Ebb at ULU. 


  1. Have a wicked time, Im sure you will! When i was youmg I had loads of penpals, we used to pass these little friendship books between letters and I ended up with loads, pocket money was waxed on stamps lol. Scarlett x

  2. ME TOO :) I loved FBs - a lot of my penpals were from the Depeche Mode fan club magazine :) We did have a wicked time - saying goodbye to her and not knowing when we were going to be able to get together again was horrid :(


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