Sunday, 22 May 2011

stumbling through my insomnia

Waiting waiting waiting - and the beast
It's 3:31am and I've been awake since 00:18 - panicking because Ben wasn't in from work yet.  I was going to photograph an event at the theatre last night but after photographing for a few hours at our friend's event there I just didn't have the energy.  I came home and zonked in front of a documentary about 'ancient aliens' (there are seriously too many of them on T.V. at the moment - I'm hooked!).  Now I've been wide awake for hours - this isn't good.  I spend most of my waking hours either editing photos or stumbling - the latter is true at the moment because my laptop is having a spaz-out on me.  Despite being a mac obsessive I still use a laptop to edit my photographs because I have Lightroom 3 on there.  Unfortunately I can't find my card reader and the card reader on my laptop is asking me to update Service Pack 2 - so my laptop has been sitting there for over an hour updating - YAWN!  This is why I use my iphone to take photos because despite my love for my beast I can just plug in the iphone and BAM the photos are there.  Arggghhhh - is this the most DULL opening to a blog ever? I think so.

Well I that while I'm waiting waiting waiting I'd share some of my favourite upcycled images and links - later I'll do another post about my wonderful Deptford Market finds ;):

Cute Tea Tin Pails

If I had a garden I'd use this idea - so quirky

Heath Nash - recycled bottles - so pretty

Tea-time for the birds - so cute

And finally I'm loving this: 30 days 30 things (or 30 Tage 30 Dinge)
to be fair most of the ideas are pretty poo but I like the idea of collecting upcycling ideas together - something I used to do on my old blog.
btw. Ben did mention yesterday that he should really blog something on here - so fingers crossed he'll get his fingers a-tapping on the keyboard soon :)

edit: 12:31pm
I still haven't slept despite trying relaxation recordings etc.  I'm so frustrated that I'm now taking it out on our landlord to the lack of movement on anything that we need done to the flat.
Other than that I've been making lots of flowers using a vintage flower loom I found on the market - however - due to me being stubborn (a Taurean AND born in the year of the Ox!)- I refuse to use any other camera except the beast and I STILL cannot find my card reader therefore photos of my craftyness are going to have to wait.  Consequently I'm now going to have a huge tidy up in the living room in the vain hope that:

1) I find my card reader and can blog the photos I took (seriously they're no better than my hipstamatic shots but I'm being stubborn)
2) I wear myself out and actually get some sleep.

Wish me luck!


  1. hello Polly thanks for deciding to follow my blog, although I must say that I'm slightly nervous about having a proper photographer as a follower...
    I hope you get some sleep tonight...sweet dreams x

  2. Insomnia is one of the most torturous things in the world. Did you finally manage to nod off? And do show us the flowers - what the dickens is a flower loom anyway? Love to see that.

    Happy Monday Polly...:)

    Also, I put that tea towel bunting up for sale this morning. Just to let you know, as requested.


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