Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Snotty weekend in Wales = a miserable Polly

I've got SUCH a sulk on at the moment it's quite silly.  As we were driving to Wales on Friday I could feel a tingle in my throat.  By Saturday morning my nose was running, by Sunday I had a full on cold and felt like POO :(  Unfortunately this has meant that I've had to postpone getting my new tattoo done until July; the next time I'm on hols.  Speaking to my tattooist we agreed that I would postpone it as it would hurt more and more importantly, it would take so much longer to heal as my immune system would be fighting my cold AND the tattoo.

I'm on the sofa at the moment under the duvet watching Flog It!  wanting to tidy up and take photos  - but I just don't have the energy - so I thought I'd share some photos of Derek - the resident peacock in Wales:

Derek on the fenceDerek's wet feathersDerek
Gorgeous isn't he? Had a great weekend despite the rain and the snotty nose - great to be home though too as I can just slob and get myself better.
Unfortunately I did my usual though and went out with Ben to take the car back and ended up wandering around charity shops and the junk market in Lewisham. I will post photos at some point - I'm now going to do myself a bowl of museli (can't taste anything anyway so thought I might as well eat something that tastes of sawdust anyway) and hide under the duvet.

and the winner is ...

Jackie K - congratulations :)

The photo was indeed a film splicer/ negative cutter :)

Here's the random generator so you can see I'm tellin' the truth!
I will put together the box of goodies and hopefully get it sent off by the end of the week - depending on how grotsome I am!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Righteo ...

... well I now have 3 correct entries ... wheeeeeee ... this is exciting :)  I'm looking forward to putting together the box of goodies!
Very busy weekend and week ahead so don't know when we'll get a chance to blog.  Going to Wales, getting my tattoo done (the design is wicked) and preparing for a pre-Ofsted inspection so having to go into work for 2 days over the half term - BOO :(
Will blog when we get the chance!

oooh on a side note this is weird:
Some of it's a bit close!  Dontcha just love those coincidences?  Bit vague in places though - teacher, mathematician or geologist?  In 1575?  Hmmmmmm.


We've had ONE ... ONLY ONE entry for the competition.  If you want a box of goodies, including some second-hand finds, handmade gorgeousness (?) and a couple of Polstar Photography prints - just leave a comment guessing what you think this is:
CLUE: I took it in to show my Media Studies classes to demonstrate how we used to do it 'back in the day'.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your answer and follow me somehow. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

My weekend haul, my crazy classroom and a lickle competition

I really should be marking some work or editing some photos from an event on Saturday but I've been wanting to share my finds from Deptford Market this weekend - so the rest can wait for a bit.  I'm sitting cross-legged on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me munching on fruit and now I will share ...

So let's start with the books:
I've been intrigued by Haunted since it came out
This looked intriguing - has anyone read it?
I LOVE Mr Fry and have most of his books - but not this one -  well I do now!
This 1940s dog book is full of excellent images and adverts
Brilliant recipes for home-made wines
We are quite geeky and love to collect old AtoZs of London and then sit comparing how much has changed in the city!
I met Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell when they came to a school I was teaching at - so I bought these two books for my tutor group's 'book box'.  The Parliament of Blood intrigued me because it seems to be similar (slightly) to a novel I've been working on - BUGGER!
For some reason this book grabbed my attention and I have no idea why
... but I'm glad I opened it because it's the first Richard Scarry book I've found second-hand.  I used to love Richard Scarry books as a child and this one, despite being battered shows signs of being very well loved.

 Onto the paper ephemera:
I love these shaped birthday postcards - so cute.  I now want to find 1,2,5,6,8 and 9.  Not sure if there's a 10.

Cute kittens!

Random ephemera - a few photos for the Ghosts project we're working on.

I quite like drinking ephemera and this little Stones booklet is so cool - with recipes and games inside :)

Now the random shizzle and COMPETITION TIME!
What do you think this is??????????? I'll let you guess and reveal the answer AND the winner in next Tuesday's post.  I'll even send a prize (a box of random goodies) to the closest guess. To win you need to post your answer as a comment AND follow my blog. If a number of you get it right I'll put your names in a hat so to speak and pick out a random.   HINT: I'm going to take it into work tomorrow and show it to my Year 7 Media Studies class to show them how we 'used to do it' back in the day!

 I love this pair of peacocks made out of tin.  I don't think there is much age to them but they're adorable.  I have an art deco style peacock tattooed on my back and have a real love for them.  In fact this weekend I'll be spending the weekend in the company of a peacock as Ben's parents' have one :)  We've now got to find a home in the flat for them.

Did you ever have a flower loom as a child?  I did and I loved it.  I found this set for 50p :)  BARGAIN!  It didn't have the instructions but it did have some odd colour combination of wools and a really bad wool flower.  I'm guessing they tried it the once and gave up after that!  So I looked up some tutorials on the web and found this great one on Youtube.  The woman collects vintage flower looms and creates her own kits then sells them on.  This is a really good tutorial and as I've said before I find it easier to be shown how to do something rather than read instructions.  So - do you want to see the results?  Of COURSE you do!

Instead of using wool I had some old thin curtains that someone had given me and was never going to hang them up so I decided to rip them into strips and use that instead of yarn.

These ones were made out of a silvery/purple curtain the same person gave us.  They make quite cute rosettes for presents I think.
Well done you for getting this far with my blog post :)  I thought I'd also share a story from the crazy world of teaching.
I have a Year 11 class who are difficult to say the very least.  Basically it's a class where you have the worst behaved, most excluded kids in the year group, and I have to start and end my week in their company.  I've grown to like them in a weird way.  However it's now 4 days before they leave to go on study leave, as the course they're doing is 100% coursework they're slowly starting to filter away to other teachers during our lesson time in order to prepare for their exams.  Today was the last lesson I have with them and I was trying to get the 'strays' to finish as much off as possible so they can go off and do their Maths, English and Science revision.  One of the students took 1 1/2 hours to write about 5 sentences and THAT was with me sitting next to him to make sure he did it.
Anyway - I was updating the spreadsheet on the smartboard so that the kids could see what they had left and I heard a bit of commotion behind me.  Freakin' out thinking that a fight had broken out (not unusual for this class) I turned around and saw the same boy who took forever to write 5 lines, standing there with his flies and button undone on his trousers and the trousers lowered.  Apparently he was 'just sorting' his trousers out.  Seriously.  Well he's now on an 'early bath' (which means he only comes back for exams now) and the school is investigating the situation.  He just kind of stood there like there was nothing at all wrong in what he was doing. 
To say this is the worst thing that has happened in my classroom with boys and their hands down their trousers is, unfortunately, not true.  I'll leave the rest up to your imaginations.  Ahhh the youth of today eh?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

stumbling through my insomnia

Waiting waiting waiting - and the beast
It's 3:31am and I've been awake since 00:18 - panicking because Ben wasn't in from work yet.  I was going to photograph an event at the theatre last night but after photographing for a few hours at our friend's event there I just didn't have the energy.  I came home and zonked in front of a documentary about 'ancient aliens' (there are seriously too many of them on T.V. at the moment - I'm hooked!).  Now I've been wide awake for hours - this isn't good.  I spend most of my waking hours either editing photos or stumbling - the latter is true at the moment because my laptop is having a spaz-out on me.  Despite being a mac obsessive I still use a laptop to edit my photographs because I have Lightroom 3 on there.  Unfortunately I can't find my card reader and the card reader on my laptop is asking me to update Service Pack 2 - so my laptop has been sitting there for over an hour updating - YAWN!  This is why I use my iphone to take photos because despite my love for my beast I can just plug in the iphone and BAM the photos are there.  Arggghhhh - is this the most DULL opening to a blog ever? I think so.

Well I that while I'm waiting waiting waiting I'd share some of my favourite upcycled images and links - later I'll do another post about my wonderful Deptford Market finds ;):

Cute Tea Tin Pails

If I had a garden I'd use this idea - so quirky

Heath Nash - recycled bottles - so pretty

Tea-time for the birds - so cute

And finally I'm loving this: 30 days 30 things (or 30 Tage 30 Dinge)
to be fair most of the ideas are pretty poo but I like the idea of collecting upcycling ideas together - something I used to do on my old blog.
btw. Ben did mention yesterday that he should really blog something on here - so fingers crossed he'll get his fingers a-tapping on the keyboard soon :)

edit: 12:31pm
I still haven't slept despite trying relaxation recordings etc.  I'm so frustrated that I'm now taking it out on our landlord to the lack of movement on anything that we need done to the flat.
Other than that I've been making lots of flowers using a vintage flower loom I found on the market - however - due to me being stubborn (a Taurean AND born in the year of the Ox!)- I refuse to use any other camera except the beast and I STILL cannot find my card reader therefore photos of my craftyness are going to have to wait.  Consequently I'm now going to have a huge tidy up in the living room in the vain hope that:

1) I find my card reader and can blog the photos I took (seriously they're no better than my hipstamatic shots but I'm being stubborn)
2) I wear myself out and actually get some sleep.

Wish me luck!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Flowers that don't make me sneeze

I've been off work for 4 days with some weird sort of sinus/ headaches/ migraines.  Everytime I think I'm ok my little prisms come back in the corner of my left eye, I lose sight in the eye, headaches and nausea ensue.  Unfortunately some kick ass meds my doc wanted to give me reacted with something else I'm on so I'm relying on Co-Codamol to kick the butt of my headaches.  It's not been fun.  However around 1pm today I'd had 3 clear waking hours without my eyesight going funny.  I decided to celebrate by making a mess and trying my hand at some craftyness.

I'm in LOVE with fabric flowers - I have horrendous hayfever (I'm a sickly bunny) and I prefer fake/ fabric flowers to the real thing in the house.  These beauties had me salivating and reaching for my glue gun:

via: http://www.msawesome.com/blog
via: http://www.etsy.com/people/Snazziedrawers

via: http://diyfashion.about.com

As I said in my blog post yesterday I'm pretty rubbish at following any sort of instructions so most of the tutorials on the internet are useless for me.  So I decided I was just going to try trial and error - folding, twisting, turning, puckering the material that I have.

A while ago I found a large bag of fabric squares on the market which were once samples.  I picked them up for £3 and then waited and waited for inspiration to hit me:
I was thinking that perhaps I'd eventually use them for something patchworky then today I sat there with my squares; twisting, turning, puckering and created this:
Adding a little brassy button from my collection.  I kind of liked this but it involved sewing (to pucker the leaves) and I was getting everything in a mess and the headache was threatening to come back.  So I gave this a go:
Much much easier - folding and sticking - sticking and folding.  Minimal amount of sewing.
Now - I have boxes of buttons and can you believe that I made all these flowers but can't find ONE button I feel suits them?:

So if I'm feeling perkier tomorrow it's a hunt for buttons on Deptford Market I believe.  I do think I have another box of buttons hidden somewhere in binbagaggeddon (the name for our 'study') so I'll hunt for them before I go and buy more (maybe).

Anyway - honest opinions? I know the photos are my typical hipstamatic and not very clear but do they look ok?  Do you think I could get away with wearing one and not looking like a complete idiot?
ps: While I was waiting for the photos to upload I was stumbling and came across this here:
Thought it was appropriate for the way we organise ourselves here!

Edit:  It's now just past midnight and I couldn't sleep so I went hunting for my buttons that I KNEW I had somewhere (why I'm trying to talk myself out of buying more buttons tomorrow I have NO idea!).  I thought I'd add them to the flowers and take more crappy photos with my iphone: