Sunday, 1 May 2011

we're off to button moon ...

... we followed Mr Spoon, Button Moooooo oooon ....
Sorry a bit of 1980s nostalgia there - for some reason it's been going through my head for the past half an hour so I took it as a hint and decided to post the first 'Upcycled Inspiration' blog for Our Second-Hand Life. 
I have a ridiculous collection of buttons and I've tried to make various things from them but I am so cack-handed that trying to do any sort of sewing, jewellery making or anything ends up being pretty naff and embarrassing.  Regardless I enjoy looking at what other people can create with buttons.  The first post on this can be seen here and it looks like I was inspired by the same children's tv programme as I was here! I'm so unoriginal.

Firstly I wanted to show you RBK Creations

How beautiful are these bouquets?  If I got married again I'd want the black feather and red button one - how pretty is that?  Well - maybe not pretty in the conventional sense but pretty for this red and black obsessive here :)
I also found some cool tutorials to help if you wanted to make your own button bouquets - I might make one just to see if I can:
A How-To Guide to Making Button Bouquets
Off-Beat Bride Tutorial

Ok - so what else can I do with my buttons?
I really want to carry on with this but I appear to have a migraine coming ... so normal service will resume in a bit.

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  1. These are spectacular. Now I want to get married too!
    Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your comment - it's always wonderful to hear from others :)