Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another one for the collection ...

... which is growing, growing, growing.

The newest edition to my colletion - the Franka NX-40Yesterday we didn't get our asses down the hill until about 2:30pm - by then Deptford Junk Market was closing down for business.  Still, Ben managed to bag me a bargain.  We saw this crappy little plastic camera, a brand I've never heard of, Franka and I said those words that I never thought would break forth from my mouth, "I think I have enough cameras".  WHAT?  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  Thankfully Ben ignored me and purchased this little plastic piece of poo for one whole pound.  I've spent 40 times that for what is probably an equally little plastic piece of poo.
Franka NX-40 - plasticy goodness
 I thought that I'd then share some photos of my other cameras - I have a few :)

My first ever SLR More camera goodness Lubitel sexiness Almost all of our cameras Pinhole, Lubitel, Brownies, Coronet, Diana and Zenit

In addition to these there is my second Minolta (I don't know what happened to my first one) SLR, a Minolta 5D (my first DSLR), a Sony Cybershot, a Sony A700 (my baby!) and my Mini-Diana.  I now need to learn how to use all of the darkroom equipment that my friend gave me as well as actually get some of the colour photos sent off for developing.  I have films backed up in boxes everywhere.
Out of all of my cameras, the only ones that were bought 'new' were the two Sonys, the Minolta 5d, the Pinhole Camera kit and the Mini-Diana.  All of the others were either given to me or bought second-hand.
I also have a growing collection of old photos that I've found here there and everywhere.  They're slowly being added to a scrapbook and stories 'invented' about the people. 
What do you collect?

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