Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Successful day at the market

It's ridiculous how excited I get about going to Deptford Market (or indeed a Car Boot Sale) - I can't imagine having the same feeling wandering down Oxford Street or cavorting around Bluewater.  It's the 'thrill of the chase' I guess - never knowing what treasures you might find.  Well today I think I found a few little treasures:

I love old 'girls and boys' annuals and this one is a doozy. Such gorgeous 1970s illustrations and the stories are fun too.
More books :) I have a real love of follies growing up in Suffolk and having a love of the few that were around me. Shire books are such little treasures of weirdness and the bizarre (I have one about Egyptian shabtis and another about spoons). The gardening book has some cool little adverts (I'm currently compiling a collection of vintage advertising) and I'm really intrigued about stories within the book about Victorian sexuality.
The Reluctant Cook - I love the little illustrations in this - especially the inside covers where the husband and wife are sitting back smoking! Ha ha - you wouldn't get that in a cookery book now would you?
Most of us growing up in the UK in the 1970s were raised on Ladybird books and they're becoming pretty collectable now. I managed to pick up one of my favourites along with 3 others:
The Elves and the Shoemaker is such a wonderful book - I love it so much. The story AND the illustrations are gorgeous - especially when the elves are trying on their new clothes. If anyone finds a copy of the Magic Porridge Pot from the Ladybird series - let me know!
Finally with the books - another copy of my favourite book - The Little Prince. I managed to pick up a French copy last visit for Ben (I tend to give anyone who means something to me a copy of this) - this copy is beautiful. It's in a slip cover case and the book itself has a plastic cover. I don't think it's even been read:
All of those books cost me 50p each! Billy Bargain :)
A lovely little silver plated dish - currently housing some Werthers Originals on our shelf. 50p!
Some oil pastels for my art diary:
Two scrapbooks full of theatre, television and cinema ephemera from the 1980s:
Some photos for the Ghosts project:
An Ideal Home Exhibition brochure from the year I was born - I love architecture and am fascinated by the changes in housing in the UK.
(all of these were £1 each)
Finally I found this tin box:
Not that interesting? But we have a burgeoning collection of tins at the moment so I thought I'd take a closer look. Rattled it. OOooh - something's inside - let's have a peek:
Ooooh Monopoly money and ...
Chance and Community Chest cards and ...
Property cards and ...
1jun2011deptfordmarket-28Monopoly - wooden houses and hotels
Rules along with wooden houses and hotels and finally:
Monopoly pieces?Monopoly pieces?
Looky at these old Monopoly pieces! I never knew they even had ones like this. I've researched them and it seems that they come from the 1950s and apparently it's the same set that the 'great' train robbers were playing with when they were caught. Not this actual set of course but a similar one. If I'd had the box and the board I've seen one sell for £59! Unfortunately I don't but for 50p I think this was a billy bargain don't you?


  1. love your monopoly pieces Polly...look at that tank Wow!
    I'm far more excited about shopping for little treasures like these than I am about normal boring old shopping too.
    I'll keep my eyes open for that Ladybird... they seem to be a lot cheaper here than in the UK (probably the ONLY things that are!) and I've bought quite a few recently...such charming illustrations, I can't resist them.

  2. Wow so many bargains! Love the ladybird books, and the monopoly is amazing!! Scarlett x

  3. Jinty! Awesome!

    Good haul.

  4. Kylie - oooh thanks - I know what you mean though, the illustrations are beautiful. They evoke such wonderful memories of learning to read.
    Scarlett - thanks hun :)
    Claire - I KNOW! the illustrations are awesome ... oooooooh wait a minute ... hmmmmmmmmm :)

  5. Oh Polly I'm having a huge dose of Nostalgia... love finding items from my childhood at the Flea Markets! You got some great scores... and thanks for stopping by my Retro Post today...

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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