Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekend restrospectives #1

I've just returned from a flying visit to my parents' in Suffolk to celebrate my mum's and nephew's birthdays and to meet my new second-cousin; Franklyn.  Going home (I still call it home!) brings back ridiculous memories; my folks' home is still full of childhood wonders as it was the home I grew up in and I can't help reminiscing about my childhood and youth.  So I thought I'd share with you, at the weekend, things that I've brought into my adult life with me.  Items that meant something to me as a child.
I guess I'm fortunate (and some might add the prefix 'un') in the sense that I've taken on my family's hoarding sensibilities.  Thankfully my parents have never got to this state:
 and have managed to maintain a tidy home; but we are all avid collectors. This means that my parents have kept many things from my childhood; stashed away for whenever I want them again.

A couple of months ago they gave me this:

I was born in 1973 - a couple of years after decimalisation.  My sister was born in 1969 just before decimalisation.  My parents bought us both a selection of Royal Mint coins that were available in the year of our birth.  I love this set - the packaging is SO disco!  So 1970s.

So weird looking at these now.  10 Pence pieces, 5 pence pieces and 50 pence pieces have shrunk dramatically in size.  There is no 20 pence, £1 or £2 coin.  And we still had 1/2 pence coins then!

I remember this sitting in the cupboard for years - always being told that when we were 'old enough' we would get them.  My set now sits on one of our shelves in the living room.  I love it even though damp has gotten through the packet and some of the coins are damaged.  It's mine, it's something that was bought for me when I was born, and it's something that I will always treasure.

My sister had many, many, many things bought for her when she was born.  There are sets of silver spoons, silver keepsakes, photos, photo,s photos and so much more.  There's not much for me.  It's hardly surprising though as my mum lost three boys before my sister and I were born.  Therefore this set means more to me than anything as it's something that was bought for me when I was born not something that was handed down.

Do you have anything that you have kept with you from your childhood?

ps: I've just read through this and I realise I'm sounding very scornful about not having keepsakes from when I was born.  I admit that as a younger girl/ woman I was quite annoyed about this.  As I've grown up I've realised why.  The first child is important, the first child who has survived after the deaths of her three brothers is even more important.  So I've come to terms with the fact that my birth wasn't as important to my parents as my sister's.  My parents, over the years, have spoiled me in other ways you cannot imagine - so I apologise if I've come across as a brat here!

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  1. I probably don't have that much from my childhood. I'm not as avid a collector of things as yourselves. I do, however have a big white box thing and a little red treasure chest with a lock on it that I guard like a 'secret condom drawer.' A Christmas present from '92. I can't recall all of its exact contents but it has one of my milk teeth, an old coin that belonged to my grandfather with George V's head on the back, an old 10 pence with George VI that were still in use until quite recently. A collection of cards we used to get from PG Tips with the PG moneys on them that I used to collect. My father's fortune spoon from he was a child.


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