Monday, 13 June 2011

Weekend restrospectives #2

Everyone meet Blueue.  Yes he's only got one eye.  Yes his fur is worn and battered.  Yes his nose is on all squint but I love this teddy bear.
Blueue came into my life when I was about 3 years old - he was sitting on a table at a jumble sale at my sister's primary school.  I wanted him, my mum bought him for me and he's been with me ever since [35 years later!].  A child called out 'that's my teddy' as I walked away with him - I always wonder whether his own mother had told him that his teddy was being sent to the jumble sale.  Believe me - I don't think that little boy would have loved Blueue as much and as long as I have.
A short while after Blueue came into my life I had to spend some time in hospital.  A bout of measles had rendered me deaf and I had to have operations to restore my hearing.  Blueue accompanied me in all of my hospital visits.  In fact until about 15 years ago I still had the hospital arm band that they'd given me for him!

I think because he was my constant companion through operations and hospital visits he has remained the same into my adult life.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that as an adult when I have had to visit hospital he's come with me. 

In fact Blueue has been such a part of my life that an ex-boyfriend even threatened to burn him when I said I was leaving him!  I had to hide the teddy bear to stop him from exacting his threat.

Today I cuddled Blueue for the first time in ages - I've had a stonking cold, bad belly and on-off migraines all weekend.  This morning I was in tears because I was determined to go to work but I can't seem to leave the toilet and I keep getting my fractals in the corner of my eye threatening more migraines.

So I'm going now and leaving you with this quote:

"In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion."
-Peter Gray (don't know who he is but it's a great quote!)


  1. How do you pronounce Blueue?

    He's lovely, by the way.

    I had a childhood bear too and adored him, but he got lost when I was about 22. I think my husband (ex) threw him away - The Ex was a mean man.

    Wonder why it is we are so attached to teddy bears?

    Anyway I knitted myself a rabbit about 2 years ago, Mr Ronald Bun, and I am very fond of him - he went with me to France recently.

  2. I love that quote - maybe explains the love my youngest has for his companions 'Bear' (original eh?) and 'Oooo' (an elephant). Although actually I'm not sure many people are louder than him.

    Great to meet Blueue, although the call of "that's my teddy" is rather heart-rending - have you ever read 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes? A little boy's favourite toy accidentally ends up on a school fete toy stall and is bought by someone else for 5p. Makes me cry every time I read it! (it's ok in the end, big sister does a selfless act and Dave and Dogger are reunited)

  3. we all need a friend like Blueue...hope you feel better soon Polly
    btw, have you heard of an English photographer(50's) called Philip Gotlop?
    have just found the most wonderful book of his at the op-shop...have a look at my blog if you've got time (I've only shown the more conservative pics) and please let me know if you are familiar with him. Kylie x

  4. I'm reminded of Betjeman's teddy bear he kept throughout his life and was only ever angry with his wife over his teddy bear Archie when she threatened to throw him from the window. I saw it, tired and time-torn at a Betjeman exhibition at Sir John Soanes Museum in 2006. Evelyn Waugh based Sebastian's teddy on him in Bridehead Revisited. He mentions it quite poignantly in his autobiography Summoned by Bells and in another verse of old age he wrote:

    Now the bloom has left the rose
    Maybe only Archie knows

    I really hope your health improves. Thinking of you ...


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