Friday, 3 June 2011

Upcycled Fridays #1 : What to do with old games

Ben and I have an agreement that if we have more than 3 of something that constitutes a collection.  Then we give each other 'the look', then we exclaim 'the sigh' and finally we resign ourselves to the fact that we need more space to house yet another assemblage.

Recently I've acquired 3 games from separate visits to junk markets - bingo, lotto and of course my Monopoly set.  I'm still not sure what to do with all the bits.  Whether to keep them all in their current state (this is probably true for the Monopoly set) or whether to upcycle them into something else.

On my old blog I used to share upcycling inspiration so I thought I'd try and make it a weekly thing here.  So welcome to the first Upcycled Friday - and what to do with old games!

Turn the boards into book covers

Chutes and Ladders
Via Photoq
upcycled Sorry game, blank journal
Via Booksbystephen
upcycled checkerboard journal
Via Booksbystephen
Upcycled Game Books
Via Photoq

Turn the pieces and money into jewellery
Vintage Monopoly Game Piece Bracelet
via KyleLoopyJewelery

Admittedly the Monopoly games tokens were originally inspired by charms - however the do look lovely on a bracelet.
Vinyl Charm Bracelet
Via Texas Tarts

Barrel Monkey
Via Salvage Siren

Create a personalised board game
Altered Game board
Via GroovyHolly

Make some art
2009 SSD 1: Free Space
Via Peggy Dembicer

The New York Experience
Via S.T.A.R
Do you have any inspiring ideas you want to share? If so add a link in the comments below.


  1. I love your Upcycled Friday's idea Polly...looking forward to seeing more of them x

  2. I love those board game note books, they are amazing! Scarlett x

  3. I make and sell blank books made of game boards too. Sometimes I find a game that's so unusual that I can't bear to tear it apart. A while back I found a 70s game called "Vegas" which was much more fun to look at than to play (even though I didn't try). I wrote about finding it on my blog here:

    All the pieces are still in the box!


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