Saturday, 24 September 2011

Insomnia stricks again ...

I keep waking around 2am which is great for stumbling and checking out Pinterest, however it's going to be a nightmare for going back to work next week.

It's given me time though to indulge myself in capturing some bits and pieces around the flat as we start to get organised:
Our one organised corner.  The shelves are made out of recycled scaffolding boards by Mr BL, the chair was being thrown out at the theatre he works in, the doll was a present from my best friend and the phone was from the junk market - £5.  Mr BL fixed it - he's so clever!

A couple of old boxes we've picked up at the junk market - the top one is an old Police ammunition box.  Great for hiding away games controllers and wires.  I picked the vase up at the Salvation Army shop for 95p; it's going to be drawn on I think for my Etsy shop.  But for now it's holding some lovely sunflowers :)

So there we go - the ONE corner we have sorted! ha ha.

While I was sorting things out I noticed this weird 'connection':
This box we picked up (where? You've guessed it - Deptford Junk Market) ages ago and it houses more wires and tools. Note the number on the side.

This tea crate was one of two that we found on the street where we used to live.  Note the number on the side! I know it's only a coincidence but a weird one nonetheless.
I thought I'd also share a couple of bizarro purchases from last week before I got sick:
We discovered this weird Kewpie praying Spiderman doll in the Salvation Army shop - really a bizarre mixture of ideas.

Found these 'aura goggles' on the market - £1.  They were produced by the British Metaphysical Society in the 60s and are just fascinating.  The only place I could find something similar was here and they sold for $49.99 - one of our friends wants them - not sure we want to get rid of them.  They're also quite steampunk in a way I guess.
Yesterday my Zuzzle Bind-It-All turned up - the instructions on the disc and the booklet are rubbish so I turned to trusty Youtube and found this awesomely simple tutorial.  I was binding within minutes and only really messed up a couple of times being my usual over-excited self.  I haven't really done anything ground-breaking but I was fairly pleased with my first tries, creating some little 'art journals' for when I feel 'arty'!
Add caption

The covers are vintage bingo cards I picked up on the Market.

Random pages taken from an old scrapbook I found on the market - mostly of playbills and adverts from the 70s and 80s.

I painted some of the pages with oil pastels and water colours.

And finally on another 'crafty' note a new addition to the Belle-Laide collection and a 'second' which ended up being just a test plate that I kind of liked!
Mucha inspired

Just a doodle - I kind of like it though.  I'm really not a very good artist! ha ha.
Well there you go - my little life in a nutshell.  Hope you managed to get to the end of this!


  1. You absolutely are talented as an artist - I love the flowing locks lady especially.

    And I am wondering now why I have never been to this junk market in Deptford...sounds right up my alley. Your Sally Army shop seems like a good'un as well x

  2. Oh dear, I'm afraid I don't like cats (sorry) I hope that doesn't mean I come back as a mouse...
    Your flat looks v.nice in the little glimpses you've shown, I love Mr BL's shelving.
    Have a good week, hope there are no dramas when you go back to school.

  3. Hello there!! You're a busy lass,so many blogs,I'm impressed! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently,and I'm pleased I amde you smile inanely!! Making anyone smile is a good day in my book!!


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