Thursday, 22 September 2011

and breathe ... albeit with a wheeze

Hello!  Well - where do I start? 

At the end of the summer hols my dad went in for his bronchoscopy (sp?) - as I picked up my nephew from the station my sister got the text - it was BENIGN :)  honestly - it just didn't sink in for days.  After waking every morning worrying about my father, nightmares, stress, depression - all of that weight and worry dropped off.  I woke the next morning with the word 'benign' simply echoing through my brain.

Then - I had my nephew stay with me for 3 days - he didn't know what was going on or why my sister and I had burst into tears at the station and started hugging each other insanely.  I think he's guessed, he's far from stupid, however the poor little love had to put up with my mood swings (from no sleep and stress about the move) and migraines.

We then moved - two days of lugging stuff down 3 flights of stairs then lugging up 4 flights of stairs.  I'm so lucky that B's a theatre tech and we have theatre techs for friends.  They're used to lugging and packing vans.  When we next move we are getting movers in - but hopefully that won't happen for a while!  The flat is coming on lovely.

I've been back to work 2 1/2 weeks and I'm off sick.  I have a stonking chest and sinus infection and am on sh!t-hot anti-biotics; 500mg 3 times a day and steroids.  Yesterday work phoned and said that I've got a meeting with the Head next week.  Seriously - I hoped I wouldn't be sick this year and now I am, and I'm so angry.  I need to be in my classes, teaching my students, helping them progress.  And now I have more stress about my job.  I think everything has just gotten on top of me and my body is making me flop - WHY NOW? Why not wait for half term?

But enough of whinging.  My dad is well and the tumor is BENIGN :) The flat is awesome and can't wait to post photos.  I have a job (for now).  Things are good :)

I'm now going to come around and see you all xxxxx

ps: while I've been trying to deal with things and get better I've done a bit more 'doodling' on ceramics:

All are available on etsy here - I did sell the teapot but then the woman messed me around severely so it's now relisted.  I've got to go and get some more meds today so I'm hoping I've got enough energy to go to a charity shop and get some more bits to draw on.  However walking from the car to the docs to Boots yesterday knackered me out.


  1. For some reason I was thinking about you last night Polly...I was actually going to email you today to say Hello and see how things were going...well I don't need to do that now...I am thrilled to hear the great news about your wonderful, wonderful x
    Sorry to hear you are crook though, I'm sure it's a result of all the stress and worry you've been through recently (ummm duh!)
    I hope the drugs kick in soon and you recover quickly. I'm sure everything will be ok re work, how could they lose a dedicated teacher like you? They'd be crazy.
    Take care x

  2. Am so glad to hear from you Polly with this great news about your Dad, I was beginning to fear the worst. Thank goodness he's ok. Of course the stress is why you've now got ill, it's infuriating when there's so much to do, but you have to listen to your body, get better and then throw yourself back into the fray!

    Your china is amazing, the 'doodles' are incredible!

  3. Thanks Kylie - your words mean so much. Indeed I think the stress is getting to me - but I'm going to be sensible and get myself well :) YAY
    Well considering I was one of the teachers called on to sort the school out for its pre-Ofsted inspection they would be stupid!

  4. And to you Lakota - a big thank you. I kept meaning to update and give the good news however when we moved PlusNet mucked us around with our broadband and it was only put in yesterday! Grrrr!

    And thank you - I like my doodles! I can't wait to get more items to doodle on!

  5. Glad you dad is OK and sorry you're not feeling your best. Those doodles are amazing - you clever thing you!

  6. Hi polly, im so pleased the news is good for your dad what a relief for you. Hope you get better soon. Scarlett x


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