Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello again, hello ...

Hey there - thanks so much to those of you who contacted me - very sweet of you.  I've been ok I guess, just so much going on and not enough time to settle down and actually write something. 

It's finally the summer hols - YAY I hear you cry.  Well yes, it IS bloody fantastic however we've decided to make it a bit less relaxing.  Near the end of term I was having a look at properties available to rent around here, we currently rent a TINY 2-bed flat.  We now need 3 bedrooms due to a change in circumstances (NO, I am NOT having a baby!) and I found a HUGE flat for a fairly decent price.  We're now waiting for all our references to go through (should be no problem with that) and I'm currently packing every hour I can.  This will serve me right for hoarding so much weird shit - I've got to pack the bloody stuff now!  We're having a bit of a holiday later on so I'm trying to get everything packed now.  We have NO room anywhere and I'm getting a wee bit stressed by it all.  Not a good state really.  I hate packing, I get angry with myself for being such a hoarder and stressed by my inability to throw anything away.

Anyway - I doubt there will be much 'second-hand living' for the next few weeks as we're holding onto our £ and also not adding to the boxes of stuff - however I vow to post some bits and pieces I find on the web and also to come around and visit all of you.



  1. Nice to "hear" from you again Polly, I'm glad everything is o.k. As far as moving is concerned I feel your pain...we have moved (too!) many times, packing and unpacking and getting settled is horrid but just think how lovely it will be to have a bigger space...more room for all your treasures!
    Take care and good luck with everything x

  2. Good luck with all the packing Scarlett x

  3. I had to go up in the loft today to look for some stuff and got all hot and bothered and SO irritated by the piles and piles of junk up there. Nice junk, to be sure, but still. So MUCH! I feel for you, having to pack your collections up - I would hate to do ours. Bon courage.

  4. Welcome back - remember it will all get done somehow and hang on to the thought of the beautiful new flat at the end of it. Good time for a wee bit of decluttering maybe? I have got better at it in the last few years and am quite good at being ruthless now. That said, it's always easier with other people's property. My things are memories, his things are junk!


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