Friday, 25 November 2011

Well I'm a bit crap aren't I?

but I have an excuse ... I do really.
We've got the 'Ofsted threat' hanging over us, it's been going on since the end of September so the rounds of observations and 'learning walks' has been non-stop.  Constant data checks, paper work checks, blah blah blah.  I've been leaving for work at 5:45am and getting home around 6:30pm every day - so as you can imagine. I've been a tad exhausted.  So exhausted in fact that I came down with something rather nasty.  I tried to go back to work yesterday however my doctor had signed me off for a week so they sent me home again - grrrrr.  I feel fine so now I'm in bed listening to comedy on Radio 4 (iPlayer catchup) and thinking about getting up.

It looks like a beautiful day outside ...

So what's been going on? Not much apart from work to be honest.  We've dealt with a postage thief as we weren't getting any of our mail which was frustrating beyond belief.

I've started filling one of the bathrooms with my strange collection of photographs that I've found on Deptford Market.

Not very interesting is it?  I'll sort myself out and try to post more - I need to go back to having a life.  I don't think Ofsted are turning up this half term and I need to start sorting out my secondhand/ hand made Winter Solstice ;)

Today I am ...
LISTENING: To Feast of Hammers (advanced copy) by Birdeatsbaby - they're playing tonight in London but I can't see them because I'm not well enough.  However after the gig they're staying with us for the weekend as they're filming their video at Mr BL's workplace :)


  1. Glad you're feeling better, m'dear. Love your header. Are they the "strange" pics you're on about? Will we get a butchers of your bathroom when you've finished putting them up? Hope so!

  2. Blimey had no idea the Ofsted nonsense went on for so long. No wonder you're worn out. Good that you're feeling a bit better, try and have a chilled weekend. Is that possible with a band staying? ;-)

  3. I'm sure there's nothing crap about you Polly. Except your health at the moment.
    Looking forward to more regular posts from you x

  4. When you have a jam-packed real life, blog land does take a back seat. Which is good - life is way better than blogs.

    Why would anyone want to steal someone's mail? It beggars belief and what a low-life scummy thing to do. It must have driven you bonkers - we go mad when our post office skips a day (they'd never admit it but I really think they don't deliver every day due to budget cuts. I know they've recently laid off about 8 posties.) How did you find out you had a thief?

    I do hope you feel better soon - have a good weekend.


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