Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dream thrifting list ....

From Her Library Adventures ...

This is Pol's Dream Thrifting List:
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  1. At least your List is sane... mine always reads something like I want to go Junquing and pick up a large Antique Persian Carpet for a Dollar! *winks* Oddly enough, though this seems the height of impossibility, stranger things have happened... I strongly believe in the Laws Of Attraction! I once was Jonesin' for an Antique Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub really bad. But they were way out of our budget & even the reproduction ones were in the stratosphere of pricing. So I told The Man I was going to ask for one during my Devotional time and think upon it daily... fast forward less than a week later... The Man is way out in the backroads of the Arizona Desert in the middle of nowhere scouting for a Hunt... and what does he see up ahead of him smack in the middle of the Road... you guessed it, my Antique Clawfoot pristine condition, it slayed him because he remembered what I'd said! He almost killed himself trying to load the beheamoth into the back of his pick-up Truck... and when he got Home and excitedly told me I'd never guess what he'd just found... I just KNEW it was my Tub and told him so! So... that said, I Hope that the Laws of Attraction work in your favor to cross each and every item off your Dream List... THEN... DREAM EVEN BIGGER my Friend!!

    Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I totally believe in things like that - although I'm not a spiritual person I believe that you find and achieve the things you're meant to. If that makes any sense? I've had small examples of that - where I went to the second-hand book market on the South Bank with my friend and she asked what I was looking for. I answered 'a book about cemeteries' (I photograph cemeteries) and the first book I laid my hands on was 'Permanant Parisians' a book I'd been eyeing up on Amazon for a while. Just before I went to Paris too!
    We seem to always pick up really useful things on the street too - we needed something to put our television on and on the way back from a poetry recording by one of our friends we found two old tea crates that have served us well.
    Hurrah for your bath though - I love the sound of that. We rent so the only furniture we buy/ find is stuff we can take with us.


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